speed up your ruby interviews with interview-booster

You are interviewing for a nice ruby job and when you get there someone asks you to solve a simple problem using ruby. No problem, you say.

I always tended to take a lazy approach, open a foo.rb file, stuff the code there and run it over some input text file. STDIN/STDOUT ftw.

In the TDD era it's more interesting if you show you can use TDD straight away and it can also speed up your interview process significantly if you use the guard gem.

That's why I've made Interview Booster. It's nothing more than a repo with a simple skeleton to use guard and Test::Unit.

All you have to do is install the gems, run guard into a terminal and edit your files while guard runs your tests automatically for you as soon as you save a file.

Hey, it's not cheating, it's time saving!
And oh, you can also check this 15 ruby interview questions :)