Windows inside companies

Today I came across this article on stating that Google announced they are not going to use Windows anymore for security reasons.

I guess many companies would like to do the same but are afraid. That could be because of old reasons like established culture, lack of knowledge of employees on other OS'es, etc. I personally believe that this culture is mostly imposed by companies and any tech worker should be able to switch OS'es easily. Saying a tech user "can't" be productive with another OS doesn't seem a reasonable excuse.

Suppose you have a company with tons of employees using Windows. As expected, monthly you will spend time and money with security incidents (viruses, worms, tech support staff, etc). I believe this spent money could be invested on better hardware like macs or any pc capable of running a virtual machine with no performance penalty. Switching to Linux or Mac OS would drastically reduce security incidents.

If you NEED to use a Windows system (we may need depending on the business), you could use it inside a virtual machine with a very strict security policy (very restricted web/email access, anti-virus, firewall, no instant messaging, etc). That way you leave the more "insecure" system usage inside the more secure system.

As a general rule, I'd keep any windows machine (virtual or not) with very strict security policies. Trusting tech user's "good practices" doesn't seem to be a good approach.

So, generally speaking, I believe the security issues could be drastically reduced investing the money spent on these incidents on good hardware so users can use both a decent OS and Windows.