And so I've compiled my CV

For a long time, I've done my CV using OpenOffice. It was a quite simple CV, no fancy pants style.
With time, I've started using LinkedIn to keep my CV up to date and what I've started doing was just export the profile to pdf and use it as a CV.

I've been reading some hints about writing CV's, and I decided to write a new one following the hints. Just by this time I've been playing with Haml and learning CSS, so I thought: why not write my CV in plain html with haml and format it using CSS? That's exactly what I did.

Basically, I did the following:

  • Create a haml file to generate a CV document in Xml with only semantic content.
  • Create a XSL transformation file (also in haml) to transform the XML CV into XHTML.
  • Lastly, I've done a CSS (no SASS) to style it.

A Makefile processes everything and generates an html output that can be seen in the browser and printed.

The initial, very simple, version is available on github.