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As a developer, I always try to find a somewhat "state-of-the-art" tool or technology to address a particular problem. I guess the reason is I'm a lazy bum and I don't like to repeat myself. I don't like to write code when I feel I should't be doing it. And I don't like to write code when I feel it's becoming hard and complex to implement.

I like things simple, fast, straightforward. And this is becoming even more true in the ruby world.

I've been working on a project for some time now (shhhh, it's a secret yet), these are the technology I've been using/discovering/enjoying/trying:

- Rails. Well, you all know it, right? :)
Formtastic. It's a simple but fantastic way to handle forms inside RoR. We all need forms, right? I was in pain writing a FormBuilder in rails when I just felt I was reinventing wheel. Later on I learned I was. Luckly.
Blueprint. Have you ever spent hours trying to align divs in your web page? I did. The fact is: I'm not a CSS expert. Blueprint makes it a piece of cake to align and structure your page. Really a must have.
Haml & Sass. These are basically tools for generating html and css, respectively. You write in haml and sass and then get it converted to html and sass. Write less, do more. I love it.

I'm having the opportunity to test and implement these technologies at work, with success. This makes me very happy. It's always good to find new technologies that makes your work better and have the change to use it at work.

I guess that's all for today.

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