Hello world

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Woa, how many of you out there have the privilege to have a blogspot blog with your own name in the url? Well, I can. :P Envy me.

Well, I just got the need to share stuff about the things I do for a living (software, basically).
I've been working with Unix/C/C++ for so long (10 years, jeez) that it looks so old.

I've just got recently into ruby (through the rails framework) and I'm loving it.
It's been almost two years I've been playing with it. It's so lovable.

I hope to share stuff about my findings or whatever technology related here.

Stay tuned.


  1. giorgenes.(com|org) is still available. That would be greater than blogspot! :P

  2. LoL. I'm not THAT egocentric :P

  3. I finally did. I'm THAT egocentric :P